Sustainable stable solutions 
to ensure healthy and happy pigs


Udvid med en ny klimapavillon eller klimacontainer – få et godt tilbud.

Klimapavillon giver dig en større tilvækst og færre forstyrrelser for grisene.

In an early weaning pavilion the pigs gain 1-1.5 weeks of growth. There is less incidence of infection and greater hygiene because we use plastic and stainless steel. The pavilion is a closed unit with only two points of access, and functions as an incubator with high temperatures, which ensures less disturbance of the pigs The pavilion is also a good solution in connection with renovations etc. as well as for sick pigs or nursing sows.


Never before has it been so fast and easy to expand your capacity.

Staldinventar der er stødabsorberende og holder i mange år.

Stable equipment & accessories

We produce stable equipment for modern farming, combining functionality with high quality. Our wide range of products covers everything from stable equipment, feeders, drinking bowls, rooting material, air conditioning systems and wall valves for EC-ventilation.

Køre- og plastplader i høj kvalitet som afdækning, adgangsveje, kantbånd og højbede.


Are you looking for high-quality road plates, cover plates for sand and gravel or temporary access routes, salt screen, garden edges and raised garden beds.

The construction of early weaning pavilions is carried out under a roof by our experienced craftsmen.                 

Your guarantee for a seamless construction, an optimised process and short delivery time.